A cigar fool and his dog

news97I like smoking cigars. Actually, I like smoking a few cigars a day. Usually one after lunch, one after dinner and one walking the dog. Since dogs need to be walked several times a day, at least our dog does, I get to smoke yet more cigars. Well yes, that’s only true on weekends.

But since I like cigars, and my dog likes going for a walk, we have a perfect relationship. And as an added benefit, we both stay in shape by getting some physical exercise in fresh air.

But by far the best aspect for being a dog walking cigar fool is that you get to buy cigars as regularly as, well, dog food. After all, when I walk the dog I need a cigar. And if I don’t walk the dog, who does? By the way, it is not my dog. It’s my daughter’s dog…

I’m not sure though what the dog’s opinion on cigars is. Let’s just say I guess as long as she can go for a walk, she does not mind the fool who accompanies her with that cigar.

Posted: October 24th, 2003   |   Category: 葉巻なエッセイ