A Private Blend

Some cigar blends never hit the market head-on. There are various reasons for that, but mostly it is due to trying out several blends in large batches and then what to do with them? Releasing them as a private blend, I guess. The Camacho Cajones is such a cigar.

Strong body with that slightly sour taste that has become like a continuous characteristic of all full-bodied Camacho cigars released after 2003. A great cigar for the kind of smoker who isn’t constantly expecting mysterious chemical reactions between congeners.

This is not to say that the Cajones only deliver a one-dimensional taste: Actually, among the many puffs, the smoker is bound to be surprised by a dozen or so puffs which deliver that peculiar muted sweetness for which I highly regard Camacho cigars. But, let’s say you smoke the Cajones during a conversation, and those puffs might easily go unrecognised.

Flaw-less construction (as the standard with all Camacho cigars), and a surprisingly even burn considering the Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, which is also a good indication that the few Cajones I smoked were well aged (although I have no precise information on that).

The closest resembler among other Camacho cigars I know, points to a small batch of Diplomas which I smoked around mid-2005. At that time I didn’t like the Broadleaf maduro-like wrapper on these “supposedly” Diplomas. These cigars just didn’t smoke like the Diplomas I knew, with the wrapper refusing to blend into the standard Diploma bunch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a stick left to resample them. But I suspect, just like the Cajones, I might like them now!

Posted: January 12th, 2010   |   Category: Non Cuban Cigars