An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars


事典というよりも、あるHongkong人の葉巻に対する情熱の集大成といえる作品である。調べもののためだけでなく、流通されている葉巻を長時間熟成させたもの、さらに、滅多には手に入れられない幻の葉巻、そして機械巻Quintero Brevasまで、散りばめられている著者の興味深いティスティングコメントも楽しめる。


Author: Min Ron NEE
Honorary Consultant: Adriano MARTINEZ RUIS
■ Size: 31 x 24.5 cm
■ Pages: 491
■ Price: 12,000 Yen
■ Limited availability at: Cigar Club and other selected cigar shops


Page 40
Las Tres Coronas Selección (Trés is French, meaning “very”, Tres is Spanish, meaning “three”.)

(Mistake: Trés should be Tres.)

Page 66

The correct factory name of Cohiba Lanceros should be Laguito No.1 instead of No.2.

Page 71

Siglo Series (Linea 1492)
First paragraph:
*Mr. Adriano Martinez, while reviewing the draft copy of this book with me together in Havana, confirmed that this is true.

(Mistake: “revealing” should be “reviewing”.)

Page 86

Characteristics of Cuaba cigars
First paragraph:
Cuaba cigars are manufactured in the Briones Montoto (Romeo y Julieta) Factory.

(Mistake: “Briono Montoto” should be “Briones Montoto”.)

Page 87

“Tradicionales” is the correct vitola name instead of “Traditionales”. The caption in the picture is also wrong.

Page 89

Tasting note of Distinguidos (second paragraph):
Tastes very “Romeo” in style, perhaps because the cigars were produced in the Romeo y Julieta (Briones Montoto) Factory.

(Mistake: “Briono Montoto” should be “Briones Montoto”.)

Page 96

All Cuban Davidoff cigars were discontinued in 1991. According to a mutual agreement, neither Davidoff nor Cubatabaco could offer any Cuba Davidoff for sale after 31st December 1992. Dominican Davidoff started to appear in the market in November 1990(7).

(Mistake: 1982 should be 1992.)

Pages 109, 110, 111, 112

“80 Aniversario” is the correct vitola name, instead of “80 Aniversarios”.

Page 131

Chico Minor*
The correct factory name should be Chicos-manos instead of Chicos.

Page 132

Chicola Minor*
The correct factory name should be Chicos-manos instead of Chicos.
The correct factory name should be Chicos-manos instead of Chicos.

Page 149

Havana Cigars manufactured before this date are called ‘pre-Embargo’ cigars, after this date are called ‘post-Embargo’ cigars. These terms are not to be confused with pre-Revolution cigars or post-Revolution cigars (see entry Post-Revolution Havana Cigars).

(Mistake: “see entry Revolution” should be “see entry Post-Revolution Havana Cigars”)

Page 161

Habaneras No.2
The correct packaging should be:
(Current, indigo colour) 273, 773 (With cellophane) 25’s

(Mistake: “Without cellophane” should be “With cellophane”.)

Page 173

The correct packaging should be:
(Discontinued, brown colour) Glass jars 25’s and 50’s.

(Mistake: 50’s missing).

Page 178

Monarchs (Tubed)
The correct commercial name should be Monarchs. (The vitola name of Monarchs is the same whether in aluminium tubes or without aluminium tubes, the name “Monarcas” is the Spanish equivalent of the English word “Monarchs”, and the name “Monarcas” only exists in documents.)

Page 202

Le Hoyo de Dauphin
First paragraph:
The cigar has the exact dimension of Cohiba Coronas Especiales and Montecristo Especial No.2, introduced the same year (1969).

(Mistake: “Cohiba Exquisitos” should be “Cohiba Coronas Especiales” and “Montecristo Especiale No.2” should be “Montecristo Especial No.2”.)

Page 216

Correct caption of pictures:
Hoyo de Monterrey Edición Limitada Particulares
Hoyo de Monterrey Edición Limitada 2001 Particulares

Page 217

Post-Revolution History
José L. Piedra was quite a popular brand in the American market before the Revolution. Production continued uninterrupted after the Revolution. In a 1962 Cubatabaco cigar catalogue, 11 models were listed. With America as the main market, sales dropped dramatically after the Embargo in 1962. In a 1972 Cubatabaco catalogue, only three models remained, Panetalitas de Hebra, Royal Palms and Superiores. In the late 1980’s, only one model survived, the Superiores, which was only made in extremely limited number occasionally and was officially discontinued in the early 1990’s.

(Mistake: “Hebra” instead of Herba.)

Page 231

At the time of the Revolution, the brand was owned by the firm F. Palicio y Cía., S.A., located at 51 Máximo Gómez Street. Together with other famous brands Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch and Belinda, this firm accounted for 13% of the total export of Havana cigars in 1958.

(Mistake: 8% should be 13%)

Page 233

Caption of picture:
A box of 1985 La Escepción Cazadores Miramar.

(Mistake: “La Escepión” should be “La Escepción”.)

Page 250

The correct packaging should be:
(Current, indigo colour) Semi Plain Box, 10’s. (Discontinued, brown colour) Varnished box in 10’s.

Page 255

Caption of picture:
Los Statos de Luxe Selectos in Cardboard Pack of 5’s and Semi Plain Box in 10’s, both 1998.

(Mistake: 10’s instead of 25’s.)

Page 257

Packaging of Favoritas en Cedro should be (Without cellophane wrapped in cedro sheet) 25’s.

(Mistake: “With cellophane” should be “Without cellophane”.)

Page 285

The exact date when cellophane began to be used in Cuban Cigars is not clear. A supplier of Cellophane was listed the April 1934 Issue, “Revista Tabaco” magazine, Cuba. This was not …….

(Mistake: “Tabaco Revista” magazine should be “Revista Tabaco” magazine.)

Pages 289 & 291

The back of the Partagás brown jar should be the back of the Ramon Allones brown jar.

Page 299

A H. Upmann “Caney” (see entry Caney / La Flor del Caney) shape cabinet believed……..

(Mistake: “La” in the La Flor del Caney missing.)

Page 301

The “Brooch”, which appeared circa the mid-1960’s, and which replaced the “old style lock”…….

(Mistake: “circa mid-1960” should be “circa the mid-1960’s”.)

Page 316

Coronas Grandes**
The correct factory name should be Coronas Grandes instead of Coronas.

Page 331

The discontinued packaging (in brown colour): “Semi plain Box: (With cellophane) 25’s and Cardboard Pack (With cellophane) 5’s in 25’s” are missing.

Page 341

Partagás 150 Aniversario Humidor
Number produced
150. Nos.1 to 150. (There were three prototypes produced, No.0, 00, 000. If these three are counted the total number is 153 These three humidors are exactly the same as the others. No.00 and No. 000 are now in Hong Kong).

(Mistake: “500. Nos. 1 to 500.” should be “150. Nos. 1 to 150.”.)

Page 345

Partagás 155 Aniversario Humidor;
There should be 24 “Dalias” instead of 25 and 56 “109” instead of 55. The total number of cigars is still 155.

Page 358

The correct packaging should be:
(Discontinued, brown colour) In glass tubes 10’s

(Mistake: 10’s instead of 25’s)

Page 359

(Magazines private collection of the author.) missing on the bottom of the pictures.

Page 390

The entry Nacionales should be indigo in colour instead of brown.

Pages 392 – 398

Rafaël González should be Rafael González.
(Rafaël is French and Rafael is Spanish, Márquez Rafael González was a Spaniard.)

Page 408

“*Discontinued in 2001” missing on the bottom of the packaging table.

Pages 412 – 413

The model names should be: Cedros de Luxe Series: Cedros de Luxe No.1, Cedros de Luxe No.2 and Cedros de Luxe No.3

(Mistakes: “Cedros Deluxe” should be “Cedros de Luxe”.)

Page 428

Romeo No.2
“*Will be discontinued in 2002.” missing on the bottom of the packaging table.

Page 431

Las Tres Julietas Selection box (Trés is French, meaning “very”, Tres is Spanish, meaning “three”.)

(Mistake: Trés should be Tres.)

Page 432

Los Tres Romeos Selection box (Trés is French, meaning “very”, Tres is Spanish, meaning “three”.)

(Mistake: Trés should be Tres.)

Page 433

Late-2000 – Edición Limitada (see entry) – Exhibición No.2

(Mistake: Exhibition No.2 should be Exhibición No.2)

Pages 434 – 435

Mistake: “Romeo 125 Aniversario Humidor” should be “Romeo y Julieta 125 Aniversario Humidor”. The captions in all the pictures are also wrong.

Pages 445 – 447

The correct name of the German cigar merchant who consigned the “Especialidad 1996” should be Mr. Christopher M. Wolters instead of Mr. Christopher Wölters.

(Mistakes: There is [are] no 2 small dots on the letter “o”, my apology to my friend Christopher.)

Page 464

The correct dimension of the Siglo Humidor should be 6½ feet (width) x 4 feet (height) x 3½ feet (depth).

Page 468

Contents of the Siglo XXI humidor:
Heading of table “Romeo y Julieta” is misspelled as “Romeo y Juileta”.

Page 490

The correct packaging should be:
(Without cellophane) 5’s in 25’s instead of 25’s.

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