“Back-Street Alley’s Cigar High-Life”

news32Main streets are a city’s lifeline, but its soul hides away in back-street alleys. Good, honest food and beer served to a table with a few stools placed in the outside of an alley no wider than the span of a man’s out-stretched arms. A sun roof with the sole duty of keeping the rain away. The humming of air-conditioners’ outside units. The whole variety of city smells, but ever so often the comfort of a cool breeze taking a shortcut from one main street to an other. Every once in a while stools have to be moved under the table to make passing space for a couple who’s combined age is close to the average Japanese life span, but with the man adding most to it. They disapear in a door at the deep end of the alley. Nothing really distracts this bunch of fortyish cigar smokers huddled around the table. Relaxed conversation among old friends from all kind of life’s way. The single common denominator: smoking a good cigar in great company.

Posted: July 22nd, 2002   |   Category: 葉巻な場所