Camacho Cigar Party

camachoparty3More than sixty well experienced cigar smokers joined the host, A. Buehler – Importer of Fine Cigars, and brand owner/blender Mr. Christian Eiroa in celebration of the Camacho Corojo cigar line’s launch in the Japanese market at “Choro’s D” terrace restaurant in Toranomon, Tokyo. The Camacho Corojo is a full-bodied cigar rolled using all first-generation corojo seed, an extreme rarity among cigar tobacco today. Presently the Eiroa family are the only producers growing the seed in Honduras, after Cuba has given up on the difficult to grow but unrivaled most highly valued tobacco seed there is. Lot’s of cigars went up in smoke as the well experienced group of cigar smokers happily sampled all of the brand’s seven frontmarks and listened to Christian Eiroa’s smoking pointers and brand inside information.

Posted: June 6th, 2001   |   Category: 葉巻なイベント