Cigar, the horse

news48Searching the Web with the query term “cigar” returns, among a ton of cigar-related stuff, a few sites dedicated to a racehorse named Cigar.

Well, I’m not much interested in horse racing. But if they named a horse after one of my favorite items, then I just had to follow the links. Turns out this horse Cigar was quite a superstar, with a fantastic record-tying 16 consecutive victory streak in 1994 – 96. On its official website Cigar is even compared to basketball’s Michael Jordan. I know he enjoys a cigar every so often. I’m not sure if Cigar ever smoked a cigar. However, one thing I’m sure. This horse named Cigar must have been the reason for many a victory cigar, for its owner and surely for many more punters.

Posted: August 13th, 2003   |   Category: 葉巻なその他