Cigars in Tokyo

whereThis small cigar guide is meant to be of some help for the foreign visitor to Tokyo looking to buy cigars. Japan is not exactly a place with a long tradition of cigar smoking, so don’t expect to meet many cigar aficionados. Although a large percentage of Japanese do smoke cigarettes, cigars on the other hand just never were really popular here. It seems that the concept of sitting down and relax with a cigar is not exactly what the ever-busy Japanese smokers are looking for.

The few Japanese who do smoke cigars however, take it quite seriously. And the small number of shops are well stocked with the most popular Cuban brands. Prices aren’t cheap. Steep tobacco taxes and the high cost of retailing in this country make for quite impressive prices. Since the price of tobacco products is controlled by the government, every shop has to sell at the same price.

Slowly but surely the anti-smoking movement has reached Japan, too. Many places and sidewalks around busy metropolitan areas are strictly no-smoking. However, one can still smoke in many public places, bars and restaurants, except of course, for the ones which have a no-smoking policy.

Major Cigar Shops in Tokyo

Cigar Club (03-3583-7130)
Owned by the general importer of Cuban cigars in Japan. Well stocked Walk-in-Humidor, up-scale cigar accessories and expert advise from Japanese and English speaking staff. The shop is closed on Sunday and public holidays.
Cigar Club Westin Hotel (03-5449-8477)
Branch of the Cigar Club. Smaller shop with a little lounge.

Le Connaisseur Ginza (03-3573-8686)
Le Connaisseur Roppongi (03-3746-3636)
Cigar bar and shop. The shops are well stocked. The bars are expensive. Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Davidoff Shop Ginza (03-5537-558)
Mainly Davidoff products, but also a few major Cuban and other Dominican brands.

Cigars & Cafe L.W.A.N (03-6426-2170)
Large selection of major Cuban brands, plus a number of Honduran and Dominican brands. Great coffee and home-made sweets. Shop owner speaks English.

Nomura Tobacco (03-3443-0370)
Large selection of major Cuban brands, plus a large number of Honduran and Dominican brands.

Kagaya (03-3352-3689)
Selection of Cuban, Honduran and Dominican brands. Open on Sunday.

Roppongi Tobacco Center (03-3401-9893)
Selection of major Cuban brands, plus a few Honduran and Dominican brands. Closed on Sunday.

Ariizumi (03-3461-4357)
Good selection of Cuban brands. Open on Sunday.

For directions to the shops you best ask at your hotel’s front desk.

Cigar prices in Japan

Here are a few prices of popular cigars (per stick):

Cohiba Esplendidos, 5500 Yen
Cohiba Robusto, 4050 Yen
Cohiba Coronas Especiales, 3500 Yen
Cohiba Siglo I, 2280 Yen
Cohiba Siglo VI, 4900 Yen
Montecristo No. 2, 2700 Yen
Montecristo No. 3, 1870 Yen
Montecristo No. 4, 1660 Yen
Bolivar Royal Coronas, 2070 Yen
Bolivar Petit Coronas, 1550 Yen
Partagas Serie D No. 4, 2380 Yen
H. Upmann Petit Coronas, 1500 Yen
H. Upmann Half Coronas, 940 Yen

Note: In Japan the price of tobacco products is controlled by the government. The same cigar sells for the same price in every shop.



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