news456バンド、EelsのシンガーソングライターであるEは、最近、私のiPodでかなりのプレイタイムを占めている。 私が知らなかったのは、彼が葉巻スモーカーであるということ。“Alternating from piano bench to guitar stool in between sweet and sour ballads, all the while E was casually puffing away on a giant cigar like some kind of indie folk Castro (which appears to be his new thing, as he performed with one in hand on two recent late night talk show performances). And why not? Cigars are for celebrations. Hell, maybe for once, E has some happiness in his life.” filter-mag.comのコンサートレビューによると、演奏中ですらEは葉巻を吸っているということだ。

Photo source: Eels: Official Band Website

Posted: May 19th, 2005   |   Category: シガーな人々