Habano Festival 2004

第6回 国際ハバノ・フェスティバルが2004年2月22日から2月27日までキューバ、ハバナ市において開催される。San Cristobal de la Habanaブランドの5周年記念が今回の主要なテーマだが、例年通り今回もキューバ葉巻の喫煙者のために沢山のイベントが予定されている。

Dinner and Auction

habanovi2Like the opening ceremony, Friday’s Gala Dinner has been held outdoors. There was some concern about “what if” it rains, however, except for a very few drops of rain all went well. Celebs rumored to be seen at the dinner included the Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger. Against expectations, Fidel Castro did not attend the Gala Dinner; he was also absent last year.

Cigars supplied for the event included Montecristo, Trinidads, Cohibas and a special San Cristobal 109, a double corona sized cigar with a slightly tapered head.

The auction included five lots of special humidors signed by Fidel Castro. A Cohiba humidor with a sculpture on top went for U$250,000.

Habano Men (and Woman) of the Year

コミュニケーション部門:Orlando Quiroga, Cuba. Writer.
生産部門:Hilda Baro, Cuba Partagas factory
小売部門:Jesus Llanos, Spain
ビジネス部門: Mohamed Zaidan, Lebanon


今回の「Habano-Sommelier」コンテストの勝利者はチェコのIvo Dvorakです。

Habano-Sommelier contest finalists:
Leonel Marcelo, Cuba
Joel Begue, Cuba
Ivo Dvorak, Czech Republic
Matthias Martens, Germany

Habano-Sommelier contestants

The preliminary contestants for the 3rd International Habanosommelier Contest.

Leonel Marcelo, Cuba
Joel Begue, Cuba
Pierre Naal, France
Pedro Vazquez Espineira, Spain
Ekaterina Ponomareva, Russia
Ivo Dvorak, Czech Republic
Ruimar De Oliveira Junior, Brasil
Anthony Browning, United Kingdom
Matthias Martens, Germany


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