Herf in the Park

parkherf3Out-door cigar smoking can be great fun. A few good friends, each with a stash of cigars, a few bottles of wine and nice spring sunshine on a relaxed Sunday afternoon: The good life. Granted, a little wind was blowing the aroma away too quickly, but we didn’t care much. We were smoking full-bodied cigars for the whole afternoon anyway.
And for the dads who had to take care of their kids, it was even more relaxing, because the kids had fun playing in the park too.

Top row, from left to right:1) Zuko-san taking care of his daughter and cigar. 2) Ben-san and Zuko-san examine SanRuy-san’s stash. 3) Ben-san enjoying a strong Bolivar Coronas.
Second row, from left to right:1) SanRuy-san is preparing Chinese tea, a perfect drink to match full-bodied cigars. 2) Ben-san again examining a stash. 3) We had plenty of cigars.
Third row, from left to right:1) My out-door use humidor. 2) Zuko-san with a super strong Camacho Corojo Toro. 3) SanRuy-san executing a perfect Petanque throw, delicately balancing the cigar in his left hand. 4) The kids had fun too playing Petanque.
Last row, from left to right:1) Explaining the finer points of the game. 2),3),4) After the Petanque game, more wine, beer, food and of course; another cigar.

Posted: April 6th, 2001   |   Category: 葉巻なイベント