Music & Cigars The first AVO Cigar Lounge in Aarau, Switzerland

news22The world’s first Cigar Lounge, named after jazz musician and cigar composer Avo Uvezian, opened on 15 January 2003 in Aarau. It will offer the exclusive AVO range of cigars, in elegant surroundings reflecting the AVO design concept.

The stylish interior of the lounge was tailored to suit Avo Uvezian’s philosophy of Cigars & Music. Seated in one of the 25 lounge chairs, aficionados can enjoy the jazz musician’s fine creations against a backdrop of superb service offering gastronomic specialities and cigars alike. The walk-in humidor is integrated within the shop front, and offers the entire range of AVO cigars. A special AVO Lounge Cigar series with a pale blue band is being developed.

Posted: December 19th, 2002   |   Category: 葉巻な場所