Panama hat, summer weather and cigars

news59Country sayings about the weather abound among folks from anywhere. One of my personal saying is, that as soon as you buy a Panama hat, the hot summer weather is over. I proved this saying myself with every Panama hat I had bought so far. And when my friend MatchPlay-san showed up the other day with his splendid new Borsalino Panama hat, I knew this year’s summer weather was surely doomed to fail. I was proven right again.

But today I took out my Panama hat for a mid-day stroll down to the local park anyway. Sitting on a bench, with my hat on, I smoked a cigar. No big deal, but life sure is great with a hat and a cigar. The perfect weather is just an optional matter.

Posted: August 2nd, 2003   |   Category: シガーアクセサリー