Smoking Collection 2004

sc2004The 10th anniversary of the tobacco and smoking accessory trade fair “Smoking Collection 2004” was held on the 27th and 28th of October at the usual venue in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

New premium cigar brands to the Japanese market were introduced by a fairly large number of exhibitors. The shift to lower priced premium cigars was evident as most of these new brands are priced at or below the 1000 Yen mark.
The following photographs show a selection of those new products together with staff persons from each booth. (A brief caption is below the photos)

1st row: The staff at the Cigar Club booth are entertaining the visitors with hot Latin rhythms. On display was the full range of the Cuban “Guantanamera” brand.
2nd row: Mr. Ishida at the Lafayette booth with new products from the “La Perla Habana” manufacturer.
3rd row: The Costa Rica-made “Soleares” at the Akiyama booth. Mr. Piras from Altadis U.S.A. introducing the “Don Diego Aniversario” at the Akiyama booth.
4th row: Mr. Takiya and Mr. Hirose from Bluebell Cigars K.K. with new products from Oettinger/Davidoff Group.
5th row: Mr. Buehler at the A. Buehler booth (left). Mr. Nakamura with a staff person at his booth (right).
6th row: The new “Chinchalero” brand at the Fukashiro booth (left). A display humidor at the Haruyama booth. (middle). Decorative humidors at the Scandinavian Information Center booth (right).

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