The Hands of a Cigar Roller

news180At every Habano Festival’s gala dinner, the charity auction is one of the highlights. “Strangely designed” objects, emm… humidors, catch impressive prices. Granted, it is for charity. And that’s good so. But still, I wonder every year whether the lots for the next auction will be able to top the previous one in terms of “strangely designed”… amazingly, they usually do. This year’s lineup is truly reaching for the creative limits.

Lot No. 5 Cohiba Humidor and Sculpture. A cabinet humidor, filled with 150 Cohibas, and topped with a bronze sculpture. A motive that seems to be right out of H.R.Giger’s “Alien” world. Habanos S.A. describes the sculpture as an homage to Cuban cigar rollers. Hmm… I personally prefer the picture taken by the German photographer Tobias Hauser. The hands which make cigars – nothing more, nothing less.

Posted: March 4th, 2004   |   Category: 葉巻なその他