The perfect foil

news113So called “collectable” cigars used to burden me with a dilemma: should I smoke them, or should I forever ogle at them. A few years ago, however, I solved my problem by deleting the word “collectable” from my cigar-conscious mind. After all, every cigar was made to be smoked, so I just light them up. Collecting smoking experiences.

Bolivar Gold Medal, a cigar I used to smoke on regular occasions until the late 80’s before it became hard to find, and later “collectable” due to discontinued production in 1992. The Bolivar Gold Medal’s unique three-quarter length golden alu foil wrapping possesses a strange attraction, right down to my fancy of using them as Christmas tree decoration. And if the gold foil is able to foil one into thinking sweet chocolate taste, then it deserves the medal. There is nothing “sweet” about the Gold Medal. This cigar is about pure Cuban tobacco strength and taste and some harshness at times, even with more than 10 years of aging.

Most of the Bolivar Gold Medal I smoked were at Christmas dinners or other formal functions. I often felt that this cigar, albeit properly dressed for the occasion, is in the wrong place. A few pints of Guinness and greasy fish & chips, that’s what the Bolivar Gold Medal accompanies best. Exactly what we did a few days ago. Thanks to our friend Cusano-san who offered to open a box down at the local pub. Best Bolivar Gold Medal experience yet.

Posted: November 18th, 2003   |   Category: 葉巻なエッセイ