Very rare treats

news334There are rare cigars, and then there are the very rare cigars. Those very rare cigars have just gotten even fewer, because last evening a bunch of cigar enthusiasts enjoyingly burned a fairly large number of very rare sticks to ash. This great cigarfest was again made possible by Cusano-san who offered to open a few boxes among friends at a table with excellent wine and food.

Among the very rare treats was a full box of “diplomat-use” Cohiba Corona Especiales. The special band on these cigars indicate that the box was gifted to “Alliance Francaise” in 1983. These diplomatic cigar gifts from Cuba carry a band with the name of the honored person imprinted, although in this case not of a person but an organization. The taste experience of this cigar is very close to the Cuban Davidoffs No. 2 made at the same time in the same factory. Rather mild from start to finish with less complexity than one would expect from a Cohiba. The thrill was not so much in the cigar’s taste but rather in actually opening the box and lighting up one of these sticks.

The killer cigar was from a box of Cohiba Coronas. This cigar was briefly in commercial production for a few years before it was discontinued in 1992. This is one of the roughest tasting Cuban cigars I’ve smoked so far. Pure brute tobacco strength which managed to stay with this cigar during its 14 years of aging. At first, one is tempted to believe that there is no finesse in the blend, however all this cigar needs is a little help on the smoker’s palate. We quickly put in an order for a Carbonara pasta dish. And so, in between puffs the fatty pasta set up the palate perfectly to savor the pleasant “harshness” of the Cohiba Coronas. How rare is this cigar? Well, Min Ron Nee says in his book, that he never tasted one.

Posted: October 22nd, 2004   |   Category: 稀な葉巻